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Reverse in a meat grinder: what is it and how much is needed

What is a reverse in a meat grinder, is this function necessary in an electric meat grinder and how to make a reverse yourself

The “Reverse” button on the meat grinder is indicated by the “R”

Absolutely every housewife uses such a kitchen appliance as a meat grinder. But not every housewife will be able to answer such a question: what is reverse? The translation of the word "reverse" is a reverse move. This function was even in a mechanical meat grinder. But is this feature so necessary? Do you need a reverse in a meat grinder? Let's try to figure this out.

Every gourmet lover has in his kitchen a large number of devices and appliances that facilitate cooking. To grind vegetables, fruits or berries, you can use various kitchen appliances for this. But in order to cook properly minced meat, you can’t do without a meat grinder. Today, in almost every home, electrical devices have been replaced by manual ones. Thanks to electrical devices, minced meat is cooked quickly and efficiently. You can save your time and energy. The cooking process becomes a real pleasure for the hostess.

Electric meat grinders have several advantages:

  • They do not need to be attached to the table.
  • The receiver has a long neck. This pusher is easy to enter, which gives the device safety.
  • Procedures are much easier to carry out, since they have more power than hand-held devices.
  • Suitable not only for grinding meat, but also for other purposes.
  • The cores are not particularly difficult. Thanks to the reverse function, it is possible to clean the clogged space without any problems.

Let’s now talk separately about the reverse system. Is there a need for it? What is reverse in a meat grinder?

Manual meat grinder

What is a reverse in a meat grinder, is this function necessary in an electric meat grinder and how to make a reverse yourself

In a manual meat grinder, reverse is the driving force of the hostess's hand

As we know, the main purpose of this kitchen appliance is to grind meat. It happens that during this process some problems may arise. For example, if the meat is poorly cleaned of bones, lived or cut large enough - all this can lead to the fact that the space between the knife and the grill will clog. There is a cheat on the screw, which leads to a complication of processing. In the end, the process may stop altogether.

So, if there was no reverse function, you would have to constantly disassemble the apparatus and carry out cleaning. But there is a reverse move. On a manual device, you just need to scroll the handle in the opposite direction, after which you can pull out the uncooked meat product. You can continue the difficult manual scrolling of meat!

Modern meat grinder

Here's what an electric meat grinder looks like:

What is a reverse in a meat grinder, is this function necessary in an electric meat grinder and how to make a reverse yourself

The button “Reverse” can be defined on the scheme of the meat grinder given in the instructions for the device

Of course, modern electric meat grinders are much preferable to handheld devices. You only have a few buttons available, thanks to which you can ensure uninterrupted operation, including the preparation of minced meat. If you have a sufficiently powerful device (1000 W), this procedure can be completed in a few minutes.

The hostess' duties include only preparing the meat, that is, separating the bones, removing the film and veins, and slicing. But cleaning meat is a rather complicated process. And an automated reverse can help you with this. Just press the button: the auger starts to rotate in the opposite direction. A meat product that does not roll back into the loading hole. The scrolling procedure continues!

Reference! It should be noted that the meat grinder can be used not only for scrolling meat, but also fish, vegetables and fruits. Therefore, knives and auger can also clog. You can’t do without automatic reverse!

Consider the main positive aspects of the reverse system:

  • The process of cooking meat becomes much easier.
  • There is a decrease in the load on the motor, knives and so on.
  • There is a warning about the breakdown of the "insides" of the device.
  • If the auger is clogged, there is no need to disassemble the device.
What is a reverse in a meat grinder, is this function necessary in an electric meat grinder and how to make a reverse yourself

Instrument disassembly procedure

  • Caring for the appliance is easy.

The need for reverse

Of course, if you use fillet to cook the meat, then absolutely any meat grinder will cope with this task. And not every housewife will be able to conduct excellent cleaning of the meat product from bones and tendons. The presence of a reverse system will facilitate the task.

Many of today's models are equipped with specially designed safety devices that protect the internal parts from bones and cores. But overheating of the unit may occur, which will ultimately lead to breakdown.

Reference! According to some opinions, devices that have low power (approximately 1,500 W) should have a back-up system. However, the reverse possess those devices that are distinguished by high power.

Of course, the reverse performs the most important function. Scrolling meat or other products becomes much easier, therefore, it is not surprising that modern models are equipped with a reverse stroke. Yes, reverse greatly affects the final price of a kitchen appliance. Therefore, you need to immediately think about everything: whether to use meat that has veins, fish, vegetables or fruits.

If this is not planned, then you can buy a meat grinder easier. So you save your money. A meat grinder is not bought often, so you need to consider your choice and still purchase a model that has a reverse function.

Of course, when choosing a meat grinder, you should not focus only on the presence of a reverse system. You should also pay attention to the following parameters, such as power, usability, size. Also, without your attention, additional properties should not be dispensed with. In some models, the knives are self-sharpening,

What is a reverse in a meat grinder, is this function necessary in an electric meat grinder and how to make a reverse yourself

4-way self-sharpening knife

there is a set of additional nozzles, there is a temperature control that protects the motor from overheating. The most popular models of this kitchen appliance are: Panasonic, Braun, Kenwood. They are in great demand. Devices of these manufacturers are manufactured efficiently and comfortably. Therefore, it is advised to purchase them.

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